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OCF Masters Testimonials team wins Second QST Cover Plaque Award


“Wire Antennas 160 meter to 70 cm: Concepts, Construction, and On the Air”

Steve, K9NUD
"I had a nice QRP QSO last night with a Spanish station. I just completed day 1 of the Flying Pigs 40M contest and did very well. This is my best wire antenna ever.

Incidentally, I bought most of the pieces for a JPC-7 Chinese vertical and used it for a quick POTA today. Boy, this antenna really gets out too! I worked an Irish station from a park today, QRP as usual. There's nothing like a center-loaded ¼ wave vertical for fast deployments."

"The performance has been excellent, even with the lousy bands. I managed to break a few 13-Colony pileups with my killer 5 watts. It's very quiet as well.

I'm digging into the book. Excellent so far, congratulations on the fine job!"

"I am finding the 36:1 with coax counterpoise and a 1:1 current balun to be an excellent solution. I finally had time today to replace the first 45’ and the loading coil with a section of wire leading to a 150pf 3kv cap and a 1 MegOhm 3W resistor. Sure enough, it put the 80 M dip in the middle of the band and all the others lining up perfectly. The SWR on 20 is higher than I’d like @ 2:1, but it seems to perform fantastic. [...] I am enjoying the book, and my tests confirm everything you say."


Hybrid Balun

"I built the Hybrid Balun as described by OCF Masters and in a recent article in CQ magazine. The build was easy, I sourced parts from Mouser and bought the antenna wire in a spool and the gray 5X5 electrical box from Lowes. Stainless hardware was purchased at my local ACE hardware store. Building the balun took a couple of hours using the clear instructions and color photos in CQ. The antenna is now up about 45 feet horizontally. The SWR is great, with numbers so low that I do not need a tuner on the CW portions of all the bands 80 through 10. But the real proof is that this antenna works great - it hears well and gets my QRP signal out well. Thanks!"


800 Watt Antenna Insulator Kits for 80M OCF and 40M/15M dipoles

Awesome Antenna Choice
"This is an awesome antenna that has exceeded my expectations. After much research I decided that my first long wire antenna would be an OCF Dipole design. The OCF Master design uses a capacitive tuned element that allows for a shorter overall length. The construction is top quality, and because I assembled the antenna myself I was able to set the resonant frequency to meet my preference for FT8 usage. I followed the detailed instructions and built the dual balun feed unit myself with no problems. I don't have large trees in my yard, but I was able to get the antenna installed at a height of about 25'. From the day of installation I have been making DX contacts all over Europe and South America. I have heard (but not completed a QSO yet) stations in AK and HI as well as the Far East and Asia. Please check out this antenna, I highly recommend it as a quality choice."


1.5KW Antenna Insulator Kits for 80M OCF and 40M/15M dipoles

OCF Antenna Review 80m 1.5 KW
"I purchased this item on a recommendation, it is a big step up from my random wire. Directions clear and helpful, the implementation was resilient to my amateur soldering, craftsmanship and construction. Measuring SWR ca. 2.1 at 7.25 MHz. Placement was uneven terrain over a house with many trees. The greatest compliment one can give to a technology is that it just works. This just works."


160M, 1.5-Kilowatt OCF Antenna Insulator Kit

OCFmasters 160m 1.5k kit works amazing
"The 160M, 1.5-Kilowatt OCF Antenna Insulator Kit works incredible. I thought i had a good 160m dipole until I installed this kit. I am amazed at how good it works and the RST's I receive... OMG! it works awesome on 160m to 6m. tunes up on all HF bands and 6 meters. Thank you so much OCF Masters. KA1ULN"


End Fed 36:1 Transformer Kits

Steve K9NUD
"This design has been a solid performer for me. i have the 80M version with coax counterpoise. Also, I used a 2643251002 core. I did not need a capacitor on the primary. I routinely win QRP contests with this antenna. Testing the 36:1 with this core back to back with another identical transformer using a NanoVNA has yielded the lowest losses I have ever seen."