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Collection: OCF Masters Load and Insulator Kits

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In order to make building our unique antennas simpler, we have put together the parts that are difficult to obtain, namely the capacitive loads, in insulator kits for 160M, 80M and 40M OCFs and 40M/15M dipoles.  The kits for each band covers powers up to 800 watts or up to 1,500 watts.  The only other components needed are the Balun and wire.  For 160M and 40M OCFs, we highly recommend using our Balun kits as they have higher transmission line isolation than most commercial products and are designed specifically to work with OCFs.  THHN wire is available at your local hardware or electrical supply store and FlexWeave™ wire is available on-line from or 

80M SWR Curves
160M SWR Curves

40M SWR Curve
15M SWR Curve