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The Original Battery Eliminator


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"The combination of the longer cable and the ability to run off of wall power makes it safer for the hospital staff to use and control the ventilators."
Ham-Owned Company Helps Improve Ventilator Flexibility
CQ Amateur Radio Magazine - July 2020 Edition - Page 3
"Now, hams in New England are helping the University of Massachusetts at Amherst improve the flexibility of ventilators already in use by BayState Health. Those ventilators used short control cables and ran on D-cell batteries that needed to be replaced every 48 hours."
Ham-Owned Company Helps Improve Ventilator Flexibility
CQ Amateur Radio - June 12, 2020
"Engineers from UMass Amherst responded to a request from Baystate Health in Springfield for help in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic by designing new, longer control cables for ventilators and the elimination of battery power sources."
UMass Amherst Engineers Help Baystate Upgrade Control Cables, Power Systems For Ventilators` - April 14, 2020
"Baystate Health called on engineers and computer specialists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst to correct problems with cables and power for ventilators."
Coronavirus: UMass Amherst engineers help upgrade Baystate power systems for ventilators - April 13, 2020
"The UMass team solved the problem using a commercial off-the-shelf battery eliminator. They ordered a suitable battery eliminator and successfully tested it on a portable ventilator at Baystate. Subsequently, Baystate ordered 50 of these power supplies directly from The Battery Eliminator Store."
UMass Amherst Electrical and Computer Engineers Help Baystate Health Upgrade Control Cables and Power Systems for Ventilators
University of Massachusetts Amherst - April 13, 2020
"Baystate Health officials contact Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty to help upgrade control cables and power systems for ventilators."
UMass Amherst College of Engineering Upgrades Ventilators
University of Massachusetts Amherst: Institute for Applied Life Sciences - March 31, 2020