This page belongs to OCF Masters, a division of QC Avionix, LLC. team wins Second QST Cover Plaque Award


The team, Bob Glorioso, W1IS, and Bob Rose, KC1DSQ, won their second QST Cover Plaque Award in a year for their article in the March 2022 issue of QST, "Portable 20-Meter Phased Dipole Beam." Their first QST Cover Plaque Award was for their article, "A Portable Two-Element 40-Meter Wire Beam" in the June 2021 issue.

The QST Cover Plaque Award is based on votes by readers for the best article in each month's issue.

"We are pleased that the readers chose our articles for the award. We enjoy designing and building antennas and sharing the results of our efforts with fellow Hams." said Bob Rose.

Bob Glorioso added, "We are in the process of creating a book that educates and enables both old and new Hams to design and build antennas that enhance their enjoyment of our great hobby."

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