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6 D Battery Eliminator Kit - 9 Volts, High Current 2A - AC Powered

6 D Battery Eliminator Kit - 9 Volts, High Current 2A - AC Powered

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Replaces 6 D or AA batteries with wall-outlet AC power. Output: 9 Volts, up to 2 Amps (2000mA) maximum current from international AC (100-240VAC) power.

This is a kit that includes 6 AA to D size mechanical adapters. They slide over the AA to make D size. You can use this product for AA or D applications.

This model is compatible with international AC power but has U.S. plugs. A simple, mechanical plug adapter (not included) will be required for use in other regions (AU, EU, UK, etc). A power converter/adapter (transformer) is not needed.

Applications: Great for LED Video Lights up to 16 Watts, also for products with motors and solenoids, where a large amount of current is needed for a short period of time, like a water valve, or for sustained operation like a pump.  

Standard cable length is 5 ft/1.5 m. Custom cable lengths are available from the customization dropdown.


100-240VAC, 50-60Hz


9 Volts DC, up to 2 Amps (2000mA)

Model: BE-6DAA-AC-HC

Our AA Battery Eliminators fit into the battery compartment of your device the same way as a standard AA sized battery. Our AA Active Cell receives power from a thin flat cable that is run under your battery compartment cover. You may have to file a small slot in the battery cover for a perfect fit using a file (included). Our AA Dummy Cells fit into the remaining battery spaces in your battery compartment and complete the circuit which powers your device. The appropriate voltage for the number of cells being replaced is provided by our power unit. Please purchase a Battery Eliminator that matches the total number of cells in your device to ensure the proper voltage is delivered. Choose an AC Source model for use with either US/Canada (120VAC) or International (100-240VAC 50/60Hz) wall current. Choose a DC Source model for use in a vehicle or other 12VDC - 28VDC portable power source. Choose a USB power source (~5VDC up to 500 mA) for use with a USB port on a phone charger, computer, portable battery pack, or any other USB port device.

Battery Eliminator advantages:

  • Save Money: No more batteries to buy, ever again.
  • Save Time: Don't waste time buying and changing batteries.
  • Save the Planet: Dead batteries in landfills are toxic waste. Precious metals and materials are finite and not easily reused.
  • Maximize Your Productivity: Batteries always die when you least expect it or right in the middle of inspiration or focused and critical activities.

OEMs: We pride ourselves in providing custom battery eliminators and power solutions to OEMs and individuals for a wide range of industries from medical equipment, industrial instrumentation, aviation, pro audio, gadgets, toys and more. Please contact us with your needs.


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