Welcome Flip-Pal Scanner Users!

Welcome Flip-Pal Scanner Users!

What a great little scanner, it's easy to use, take with you and capture research of any kind to an SD card. For several years we have been the behind-the-scenes supplier of the Flip-Pal Scanner Power Adapter / Battery Eliminator. Although the owners of Flip-Pal are no longer making this little gem of a scanner, we are pleased to be able to continue to offer our unique, AC powered, no-more-dead-batteries solution. Here is our made-in-USA, designed by us, wired "fake battery" 4 AA Battery Eliminator. It is fully compatible with Flip-Pal and most other devices that use 4 AA batteries! Just install in the battery compartment (like a battery), run the small wire out the tray cover and plug into AC power. Simple, like the Flip-Pal. Never change a battery again!



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