Everlasting Batteries: Never Change Xbox Controller Batteries with Battery Eliminator

Everlasting Batteries: Never Change Xbox Controller Batteries with Battery Eliminator


Everlasting Batteries: Never Change Xbox Controller Batteries Again with Battery Eliminator

The game was tied, one minute left. It's a 1v1 to win the game, just the enemy and me. My whole team is counting on me for the win. I peak around the corner, the enemy is perched on a sniper tower. He doesn’t see me, so I quietly sneak through the forest. I round my way up the tower stairs, a notice shows up at the bottom of my screen, “batteries are low.” “Don't die on me now,” I beg. As I climb the final flight, I don't expect what comes next. Here's the moment of truth, I forcefully smash the right trigger and think I have the win in the bag, but nothing happens. I frantically keep clicking but nothing is happening. The batteries are dead. “NOT AGAIN!” I howl. I run across the room, searching for more batteries, but it’s too late. Batteries in hand, I scramble back to my computer to find I lost the game.

A typical AA battery usually only lasts for 30 hours before needing to be replaced. With such a short lifespan, it's almost certain that your batteries will die at the most critical point in gameplay. Gamers around the world relate to this aggravating struggle on a daily basis. Not only do dead batteries interrupt your game, but they force you to go on a mission to fix the problem. The battle of scrambling to find new batteries, testing the batteries, replacing the batteries, and throwing out the old batteries, all of which takes away from time you could’ve been gaming. It’s not worth it. And while you are racing to fix the batteries, you are left vulnerable on the battlefield, guaranteed to ruin your game. Why continue to go through this tedious operation when you could fix the problem with one product? 

The Xbox One Controller 2 AA Battery Eliminator Kit eliminates the need to ever replace a battery in your Xbox One controller. Our unique product allows you to plug in your Xbox controller into AC wall-outlet power, eliminating the need to ever replace batteries again. Simply install the Battery Eliminator inside your controller’s battery chamber and plug the AC power cord into a wall outlet. Our product fits in your controller the exact same way a normal AA battery fits, but removes the need to ever open the battery cover. The Battery Eliminator consists of one active battery cell (wired AA-shaped cell) and one dummy cell (shorted AA-shaped cell). Each 2AA Battery Eliminator for Xbox One Controller includes a battery cover with a pre-notched slot to allow the wire to exit the battery chamber. Battery covers are available in both black and white, select a color before adding to your cart. Our products are customizable, giving you the option to create a solution that will work the best for you. The default 2AA Battery Eliminator for Xbox One Controller comes with a 10 foot cable, but is also available in a 20 foot cable variant.

“I love the Xbox Battery Eliminator. It has solved my battery challenge and has worked flawlessly. Recently, I have been saving so much time and money with the battery eliminator. It lives up to its description and has exceeded all my expectations. From my experience, it is the most reliable option for batteries.” 
-William, Xbox Battery Eliminator User



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