Collection: J Battery Eliminators


Replace a J battery with AC wall-current or USB power via our custom battery eliminators. Never change a battery again!

Our J Battery Eliminators fit into the battery compartment of your device the same way as a standard CR123A sized battery. Our CR123A Active Cell receives power from a thin flat cable that is run under your battery compartment cover. You may have to file a small slot in the battery cover for a perfect fit using a file (included).

- Choose an AC Source model for use with wall current (100-240VAC 50/60Hz).

- Choose a USB power source model (~5VDC up to 500 mA) for use with a USB port on a phone charger, computer, portable battery pack, or any other USB port device.


Other names for this cell include: 7K67, 4LR61, 1412A.